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"Late Night Heart" starring The Carvels NYC


"Late Night Heart" video directed by Melissa Kinsky/Cherry Pie Pictures


Brian Morgan, Danny Ray, LVP at Bowery Electric July 14, 2019, photo by Alan Rand


 © Von Pang /  Ⓟ Leather Lung Music (BMI)

Produced by Freddie Katz 

Recorded at: Shelter Island Studios NYC

Mixed at Sierra Sound, NYC

Mastered by Mark Dann, NYC


Well I’m so glad I survived that youth of mine
It was a dangerous place
If that’s the last thing that I remember before I die
I’ll have a smile on my face
When you’re born in hell you can’t fall from grace
Forbidden fruit has the sweetest taste
I don’t give a damn about the pearls you clutch
If I could go back I’d say look but don’t touch

Stuck in a grind but after all this time, still got a late night heart
Nothing lasts forever but you never were together so, you can’t fall apart

Well it’s a different town then when we used to hang around
Look what they’ve done to our place
I can’t believe my eyes and I wish you were alive
So I could see the look on you face
Well life’s too short to protest too much
One too many is never enough
Too many cooks make a real stale cake
But it don’t matter if ya got no taste

Stuck in a grind but after all this time, still got a late night heart
Nothing lasts forever but you never were together so, you can’t fall apart

Still got a late night heart
Like a work of fine art left in a shopping cart
Still got a late night heart


  • HOLIDAY TREAT - "Santa Had to Get a Day Job" digital single drops 11.29.19  
  • VINYL EP - 3-song "Late Night Heart" EP on 7" vinyl, release date 2.14.20


The Carvels NYC would like to thank everyone who supported us over the past year by playing our songs, writing about us, signing us, booking us, trading gigs with us, touring with us, and gifting us with photos/video. The list is long and we certainly hope we did not miss anyone!  

  • Ken Abruzzi, Patryck Albert, David Bash, Matt Beld, Joe Belock, Jello Biafra, Rodney Bingenheimer, Dave Blumenfeld,  Bluesbunny, Cali Cal, Richard Cohen, Ginger Coyote,  Charley Crespo, Dave Cromwell, Esther Crowe, Dave Dalton,  Damian & Meghan @Dr. Lisa Show, Delarue/New York Music Daily, Palmyra Delran, Dennis (Scene Point Blank), Fur Dixon, Donut City,  Eaten Alive Punk Zine, The Electric Mess, Mary Ellenberger, Jillian Elizabeth, Gwen Ever,, Chris Flash, Jeannie Fry, The Ginger Quiff, Gift Shop, Bill Grohs, Mike Harrington, The Hell Yeah Babies, Ryan Hertel, Laurie Hetzel, Emma Alice Johnson, Jonescrusher, Michael Jung, Peter Landau, Gwynne Kahn, Tyler Kane,  KAOTIC Radio, Bill Kelly, Melissa Kinsky, Cindy Kona,  KOOP/Radio Still Screams, Krebs & the Maynard Gs, Steph Lanyon, Lucky Lawler, Alan Lohr, Eddie Lopez, Jesse Malin,  Phillipe Marcade, Dana McDonald, Judy McGuire, Jonzip McNeil, Robert Moe, Lexie Montgomery, Falling James Moreland, Tim Napalm,  Kim Olin, Ed O'Neal, Jeff Otf, Laura Palmer, Bob Portella, Primitive George,  Punktastic, Rich Quinlan/Jersey Beat, Travis Ramin, Alan Rand, Genya Ravan, Dean Rispler, Mike Rogers, Cyril Ruth,  Sean Sanders, Janis Shaw, Walter Stewart,  Dave Swanson, Vicky Tafoya, Rob Trisler, Tommy Unit,  Nicole Vandestienne, Vicky & the Vengents, Johan Vipper, Wassup Rocker Radio, Kim Wetzel, Larry Woodside, Brian YØung 

Special thanks to the talented musicians who worked with us over the past year:

  • Steven Chen, Geoff Countryman, Mike Dee, Danny Ray, David Spinley

VERY SPECIAL THANKS to Holly Porter-Morgan

...and big, big thanks to all of our friends and fans, we love you more than you know!